A cargo ship capsized in the Black Sea, about 15 000 sheep trapped inside

A ship that was carrying 14 600 sheep capsized in the Black Sea, on Sunday, near the coast of romania. The 21 crew members are safe and accounted for, but only 32 sheep could be rescued, others still trapped inside.

The crew safe and sound, only 32 animals rescued

The military strove always, Sunday night, to save the cargo of 14 600 sheep on board a ship that capsized off the port of Midia (south-eastern Romania), in the Black Sea, said the Inspectorate for emergency situations (ISU).

The rescuers, with the assistance of constables, and of divers, to attempt to right the cargo ship 84 metres long lying on the side, in order to tow it up to the dock, said Ana-Maria Stoica, the spokesman of ISU Constanta (south-east). ” We hope that the sheep in the hold are still alive (…) 32 sheep who had found themselves trapped on the outside of the vessel have so far been rescued “. Two of the animals were directly recovered in the Black Sea, icy cold at this time of the year.

The Queen Hindbuilt in 1980 and is flying the flag paluan, had left the Romanian port of Midia, and headed to Saudi Arabia. The 21 crew members, 20 Syrians and 1 Lebanese, are safe and sound.

Improve conditions on board ships transporting livestock

We are shocked by this disaster and ask for an investigation and urgent sanctions against the culprits “said the association of breeders of sheep (ACEBOP) in a press release. The Romanian association has already several times asked for the amendment of legislation obliging carriers to improve conditions on board ships transporting livestock.

Third breeder of sheep of the european Union, Romania is among the main exporters to the arab countries. In the past two years, the country has exported two millions of sheep-total, including to Jordan, Libya and Lebanon.

If we are not able to protect the livestock during transport on long distances we should ban outright this kind of transport “advocates the ACEBOP, which would promote the export of meat.

Cargo ” overloaded “

Gabriel Pauni, head of the NGO Animals Internationalsays that the ship was” overloaded “. ” This transport of sheep should be the 15th done this year by the Queen Hind, which had encountered technical problems in December 2018 “. The NGO has released a video showing a score of dead sheep floating along the ship.

The NGO Animals International had already denounced the conditions of transport of livestock by sea on board” vessels of death “, including cases where thousands of sheep died of thirst, or were literally cooked alive during the trip in the middle of summer. Brussels had requested an audit on the practices of Romania, the threat of an infringement procedure, if systematic violations “the european legislation on animal welfare were recorded.

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