A new fleet boat of the SNSM

The SNSM renews its fleet of rescue boat. In 10 years, 140 canoes need to be replaced.

The SNSM and the shipyard Couach has been finalized, this 17th day of October, the contract for the design and implementation of the new range of life rafts. The chantier naval Couach will be the single supervisor for the renewal of the fleet.

35 to 140 boats replaced

This program, called ” New Fleet “, responds to the need for renewal of the fleet of stars, the association for rescue at sea. Several serious accidents have highlighted the need to rejuvenate the fleet of stars rescue. The association worked there for several years. The renewal of the fleet for 140 boats, over a period of 10 years for an amount of around 100 million€.

This contract covers a first firm order of 25 million euros for the supply of 35 boats over five years, and then on a second portion optional of the same amount, for the same number of ships, and also over five years. Finally, depending on the finances of the SNSM, the contract provides for the provision of LIFEBOAT capacity industrial production in order to satisfy all its needs renewal, 140 boats over 10 years.

A groundbreaking study for modern boats

For the realization of these new boats, the contracting authority for the programme is ensured by the LIFEBOAT itself. In fact, the boats were designed in collaboration with many rescuers from lifesaving stations, participants of the services and directorates of the SNSM, as well as the institutional actors of the rescue as the Directorate of Maritime Affairs. The idea is to design a boat to meet u better to the needs of their missions.

Everything has been thought out, until the design of the cabin, to meet, for example, the evolution of the sociology of the rescuers.

featured SNSM

The shipyard Couach ensures the project management of the design and implementation of the range of vessels and associated services. The key stakeholders cooperating are the firm of naval architecture Barreau-Neumanthe company Z-Nautic and its brand, AKA for ships, semi-rigid and Numeca, study desk CFD. The new boats will be standardized, while being customizable, depending on the areas of intervention. The range of major options (hull material composite or aluminum, propulsion system with line shaft or hydro jet) at options facilities or operational partners (devices, transport and placing, and water, hybrid propulsion) or additional equipment (generator, infrared camera, solar panels, augmented reality…).

These new lifeboats will be equipped with a recovery system with a “scoop” located at the rear of the ship. This system allows to recover quickly, and safely, a castaway. At the same time, the safety of the rescuers is improved by allowing them to stay in the ship, and harnessed. Finally, the ships are scheduled to embark latest generation of equipment as thermal imaging cameras, drones and other connected hardware.

In short, you have understood, this program is ambitious and essential. We can all contribute by making a donation to the SNSM.

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