léo collin concept/composition/stage director/libretto
leandro gianini concept/sound engineer/ lighting/production
dalius Singer programmer/Trumpet
kay zhang production/saxophone
nuria khasenova video/flute
mariana vieira scenography/costume
eric larrieux engineer/lights/objects

(videodocumentation by Dave masu)

Summary :
It is the sink of a boat who didn’t listen to the warning of the other vessels.
The origin of the baleen whales are the themes from the book of Jonah (inside the whale) by a priest, Jean-Yves Leloup and the pleasure to make anthropomorphism sounds from object from everyday life. With Jonah we learn fears are the carriers of the no-communication, the no-movement between people gold between ourselves. The ultimate communication no. – has result the whale (right WHALE), as symbol of the jail/ total the treatment of paralysis.
The second step of this trip is the understanding of why we don’t want to see our own fears : Paradoxically they define our personality and if we decide to stop be afraid, we change our way of life ” – maybe we are gonna to lose the love of someone- -we will see, our own failure – we will to behave better, etc
Discovering The of something who was not communicating, “hidden” is often felt as a betrayal. How we recover from this revelation is connected to our concept of righteousness/betrayal. We discover that the translation of the reality is actually a CHOICE”, in french) between fear/no fear/acceptance (more we are dependent to the Virtuality*, more our choice are influenced by it).

*The Virtuality (with capital V) is all the information we received from our parents-media – education – culture-myth-trauma. The fears are the scars of this virtuality and make reduction of the atrophy – of our reality. We create diversity by seeing the seams of our old stories and by are translated by them so badly. We de-virtualize the us .

Premiere at Gessnerallee Zurich Switzerland. 2019

cimon finix actor
cecile lassonde performer and actress
francesca sproccati performer
felix del tredici-trombone
eva Sulai accordion
bernadette köbele performer & Cello
antoine läng-voice
Isandro garcia ojeda live electronics

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