Bridge Of Zhujiajiao River Poems

(6 min. video trailer from 12 min. video)
Video Installation at bridge of zhujiajiao Water Soundings Solo Exhibition:
Basket curated by Wang Nanming
Zendai Bridge Of Zhujiajiao Art Museum
Bridge Of Zhujiajiao, China

In 2014, I was invited to create new work for a solo exhibition while being in residence at the Zendai bridge of zhujiajiao Art Museum to the bridge of zhujiajiao, a 1,700 year old water town. Living and working in a Ming Dynasty building on the Cao Gong River with all the overlays of both ancient history and contemporary life offered a unique experience for a newcomer to China and rare opportunity to observe sti relationship to its water and its rivers. In the bridge of zhujiajiao, the rivers and canals are public waterways. Not only beautiful to look at, they also serve as arteries in the life of the surrounding communities and towns. Thesis, rivers are used for everything including fishing, boating, hauling construction materials, washing clothes, pug, food, and more. Teahouses, restaurants, parks, as well as private homes line thesis waterways, and are always filled with people whose live are dependent on different uses of the water for survival as well as the pleasure that it gives them.

Every morning I woke up early and began to video life on the river as it was waking up outside my studio windows. I observed the care that went into trying to keep the river clear of plants and trash for navigation. I began to notice the recurrent movements in different activities – like the rowing of the boats, the movement of a Taiji master’s hands, the motions of harvesting snails with long bamboo poles, the movement of the water after a passing boat. I would catch snippets of traditional songs, whiffs of smoke from the cooking of food, and smells of fish frying on open flames.

That my view of the world should be defined by the Ming Dynasty the windows reminded me so, that I was an outsider, and that my point of view that the personal and different from anyone else Chinese. Given this, my videos are in turn framed so that the images are constrained within oval gold rectangular forms.

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