Browse with animals. Tips and tricks

Navigate with pets requires some organization and a few precautions so that the cruise is peaceful for them… and us.

We are very likely to have a companion, on a daily basis at home . But when one is passionate about sailing, we own a sailboat, the question arises as to board his dog or his cat.

One often sees, on board yachts, during a stopover, a dog for a walk on the bridge, a cat in the lazy bag. Some sail the same with a chicken. But browse with animals demand a certain organization , in the same way that sailing with children. Questions will arise. How to organize for the needs ? How to manage the life on board ? What are the reflexes and actions for their safety ?

browse with animals, life on board

Browse with animals begins by boarding. If for a cat, this will not be very complicated, the operation will be more difficult for a dog, on the large units. Some owners use a ramp totwo dogs on a trawler facilitate the transition from the dock to the boat. There is really no breed of dogs are allergic to the sea. Small dogs will be more comfortable than a labrador. The animals are not in their environment on a boat. The ideal is still to accustom his cat or his dog from a young age. He will be able to adapt to this environment, will take up its habits and…will ask for more.

The animals also have the sea sickness. If bear a crew member sick is not a concern, the reaction of a dog will not be the same…I leave you to imagine. So remember to leave his lunchbox at the back of the boat and the place where he will sleep also. For his food, the croquettes are very sensitive to moisture. You will need to store them in a sealed box. Think to drink regularly

The needs in the cruise

This is a question which one thinks of first. Or the dog will do their needs, especially on a small sailboat. The first idea is to take into account his navigation program. If your program consists of the cabotage coastal, you will just have to learn the dog that the great commission is not done on the boat. It will therefore be necessary to think about his needs before you go and think of him on arrival at the stop…think of your neighbors and pick up needs.

For sailings longer, one cannot escape the question of needs aboard. If to a cat, a simple cat litter is enough for a dog, it will be necessary to think about the question. Your pet will learn what he needs to do and how to do it. Book a place or he will be able to satisfy his desires, and always the same. Some boaters use a piece of synthetic turf that they put on the bridge to make it the ” corner-pee “. Animals use it to learn to always go to the same place.

The safety of your pet

At the risk of being rude, one can say that the basics of security for an animal are the same as for a child. If a cat poses less of a problem because it is more agile, for a dog, he will need to take more precaution. The first thing to consider is the mesh on the dies. This will prevent the animals from falling to the water, especially at anchor.

Then, it is quite possible to think with the harness and life jacket. The dog must be accustomed little by little to avoid the grunts on the ground preferably. There are a range of lifejackets specially designed for pets. Some life jackets for the smaller animals, are equipped with a handle allowing you to pull them out of the water.

Finally, if you plan to sail outside the national territory, contact the veterinary services and take the list of vaccines your pet.

And you, what are your experiences and your feedback of navigation with your pets?

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