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265 Surf SS from Crownline.

290 (XSS Crownline.

Finseeker 230 Crownline.

Ten new models will be put on the market by Crownline in 2020, then, that so many of the new boats added by 2019. This company has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years and does not foresee any slowdown. What is this means? New bridges, new shells, new areas of navigation and new interiors. Three boats will be added to the sports series (SS models), and like the big boats open deck fiberglass are becoming more popular, a range of design Gen 2 25 to 29 ft (7.62 m to 8.8 m) will see the light of day. The recent model with motorization outboard 2020 XSS will soon be accompanied by the 290 XSS is currently in production and the series Surf Wake will host the 265 SEQ., In addition, three fishing boats Finseeker with center console, 220 CC, 230 CC, and 250 CC, to be added in the near future and the arrival of the 200 CC is scheduled for the beginning of 2020. In 18 months, the range Finseeker will have nine models with center console or dual 20-to 30-ft (6 m to 9 m).

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By Joani Hotte-Jean

*This article was published in the magazine Fall 2019 of Yachting.

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