Click&Boat introduces you to the experience Wingly

Click&Boat like you do get off the beaten track you by offering experiments that break the pace sometimes too calibrated daily. Our partnership with the platform Winglyalso after the collaborative economy., going in this direction since it is a question this week coavionnage and a flight mastered, but especially original to perfection. The gift card offering a flight is in the air. Leave temporarily the sea to the air !


Wingly, the coavionnage for all

The atoms in common are many between Click&Boat, and Wingly, starting with the base of shared values. The desire is the same : democratize and share a passion that is open to all. The difference ? The place of exercise of this passion. If Click&Boat enables you to louer all types of boats with or without skipper, Wingly is used for book a flight by linking drivers and passengers. It goes from the aerial ride an hour to an excursion on the day. You will be able to offer a flight as easily as it is possible to rent a boat. Control tower, we just put the finger on a very good idea.

Between the baptism of the air and flight tourism, many experiences to live

This new duo sea/air formed by Click&Boat, and Wingly will our social networks respective to the approach of Christmas. Stay tuned while will scroll before your eyes a selection of three experiments air not to be missed.

Fly over the Côte d’azur

The calanques of Marseille cause of chills as well from a boat motor to the aircraft leased via the coavionnage. A baptism of the air in Cannes makes you the star of the day. Also, take advantage of this opportunity to discover the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’-Azur in a different perspective. An experience to share with your friends and family.

baptism of lair cannes

The castles of the Loire seen from the sky

A special occasion to celebrate ? Click&Boat, and Wingly are complementary. When the first puts forward the renting a houseboat in Paristhe second proposes to fly over the castles of the Loire history to take full view. This allows you to rethink the organization of a marriage application.

visit the chateaux of the loire

Helicopter operations in Britain

The Finistère we are inspired by. We got on the boat to Concarneau direction Glénans, Groix or well then the extreme west of Brittany. The region will fly in helicopter, since Brest. A flight that may be shared or offered as birthday gift. On the way, your lungs will thank you for this breath of fresh air guaranteed !

holiday brittany

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