Cruise in catamaran in the Cyclades : the best anchorages

You plan to visit the Cyclades ? What is better in your opinion to discover these hundreds of islands made of stories and legends ? Click & Boat offers you to cross the waters that have been the cradle of modern navigation, the discovery of islands mythical in catamaran ! Go back on the traces of the past, enjoying an idyllic setting and a boat as comfortable and stable, perfect for families. We will reveal here four moorings to know absolutely before your departure Greece ! Thus, you’ll be ready for your cruise in catamaran in the Cyclades.

Cruise Greece
Mooring in Greece

Organize his departure and his catamaran cruise to the Cyclades

Set off ! On a catamaran, even with a skipper, you may be asked for a few basic maneuvers. Click & Boat offers various sites of departures and itineraries for a cruise in the Cyclades catamaran. The most convenient of course, if you arrive from the metropolis, will be a departure from Athens. The ports of Piraeus, to Elliniko or the marina of Alimos welcome the catamarans that we offer to the rental to visit the Cyclades. It is also possible to embark directly from Parosin the heart of the archipelago. Since these destinations of departure, and depending on the duration of your stay, you will have the opportunity to discover the Islands of Paros and Naxos, Santorini, Mykonos and many others.

The Cyclades and their environment

The Greek peninsula is bordered to the west by the Ionian Sea and to the East by the Aegean Sea. The conditions and discoveries of cultural or natural are not the same. You will find some tips here to better prepare for a cruise in catamaran in the Cyclades, with or without a skipper.

For this conditions, it is best to err a departure between the months of April and November. Attention in July and August, a period the most popular place for tourists in this region. In the summer, in the Aegean Sea, you will face the Meltem, the local wind from the north. The breath of the evening to the morning, from eight hours to twenty hours, and gaining its maximum power in the early afternoon. Its provenance may vary slightly depending on your position. Its influence is much more felt in the Cyclades, in the Saronic Gulf, located to the south of Athens. The latter is preferable if you do not have the habit of sailing the sea. For the souls of adventurers, in the direction of the Cyclades ! You will discover some of the most beautiful landscapes of Greece.

Cruising catamaran Cyclades

The best anchorages in the Cyclades

A catamaran cruise in the Greek islands is the opportunity to meet the family, between friends or in couple. Cut off from the outside world for a few days (not quite either, there are network in the sea), the cruise allows you a degree of privacy. Moments of escape also, when you dive in warm water and turquoise or property at the time of the discovery of the moorings the following :

-The caves of Kleftiko

Revealing a spectacular sight from the sea, the caves of Kleftiko are located on the western tip of the island of Milos. These huge limestone cliffs, white, scream, throw themselves directly into the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea. Form a maze of caves and natural arches, formerly a hideout for pirates ! Some beaches are nestled and accessible by boat. Wet in this environment is also the opportunity to go and observe the aquatic life through snorkeling. Making stage during your cruise to this place of Greece is essential.

-The port of Naoussa

To the north of the island of Paros, the port of Naoussa typically cycladic is the one that you need to visit before the other ! During your cruise in catamaran in the Cyclades, this critical step will be a good excuse to put foot to earth. Say no to a few hours in the cabin of the catamaran to the fishing port of Naoussaone of the more important of the Cyclades, the cliche authentic that you would like to discover. Check out the houses whitewashed a dazzling white, and the roofs painted blue. This city in the colours of the Greek flag comes alive in the dark of the night. It is possible to put in the mooring the catamaran directly at the port, or around the bay of Naoussa.

Port Paros
Port of Naoussa

-The lagoon and Tigani

This lagoon and Tigani denotes the motion present at the port of Naoussa ! To the south of the island of Paros this time, this point of wetting is much more calm and quiet. Once the rental catamaran in Greece endorsed and the course validated in the Cycladesa stop off the Island of Tigani is the opportunity to recharge the batteries. When he landed on this island completely wild and uninhabited, you’ll have the impression of being a real adventurer ! If you choose to stay on board of your catamaran, it will be time to organize a new session of scuba diving or ride in stand up paddle. For the less athletic, the trampoline and sunbathing on the catamaran will delight you.

-The archaeological sites of Delos

The island of Delos is close to that of Mykonos and its animation. According to the legend, Apollo and his sister Artemis there would have seen the light of day. Moisten the edge of Delos is so the opportunity to return to the ancient origins of Greece. It is a privilege to observe the remains of the past during a stay in Greece. This also makes it possible to realize since the large of the extent to which these constructs. On the island, you will discover the remains of an ancient Greek theatre and temples of Isis and of Dionysos. The archaeological museum, the sanctuary of Apollo or the Terrace of the Lions are also worth the detour. These sites are classified as world heritage of UNESCO.


The long and beautiful days are to be expected if you want to visit in depth Cyclades. Alternate airports to land and the lazing in the sea ! Go from island to island on a boat with all comfort : one of the (many) benefits, to rent a catamaran.

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