Cruise in the Grenadines : the Top 5 loaded exotic !

An archipelago of thirty islands, but even more reason to start a cruise in the Grenadines. Here are 5 as placed in the mouth. Between beautiful landscapes and coves preserved, pack the suitcases : the urge to fly tomorrow to this magical place will be unstoppable !

1. For a easy navigation between the islands

32 islands make up the archipelago of the Grenadines. Each of them is a treasure that is worth a visit. Whether you’re catamaran cruise in the Grenadines or in a sailing boat, sailing between the different islands of the archipelago are relatively short (only a few hours), allowing you to anchor in an anchorage that is different every night.

Sail from island to island according to your moods. Feel like a private beach away from the crowd ? Hoist the sails to theisland tic-tac-toe and its hut, the smaller island of thearchipelago of the Grenadinesa simple bench sand a dozen feet which keeps it under the foot !

For partying in the jet-set, it will be necessary to take the direction of Mosquitowhich most of the visitors arrive by plane.

The islands of Bequia, Baliceaux, Canouan, Mayreau, Tobago Cays and Petit Saint-Vincent some of the major and deserve to be visited.

boat rental Grenadines

2. To bathe in a splendid setting

One of the main advantages of the boat rentals in the Grenadines is the possibility of being able to moor where you want to go for a swim whenever you want. It’s a safe bet that you know you’re gonna long to the call of the turquoise water in a postcard !

Among our recommendations, go to Tobago Cays allows a bath magic with the turtles in a place still preserved.

Mayreau is home to the Salt Whistle Bay one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The program, a wetting of exception in a magical setting. You will remember (very) long time !

holiday Grenadines

3. To enjoy a gastronomic culture rich

The best way to sample the delicacies of the Grenadines remains to snag a line on the back of his catamaran and hope for the miraculous catch of fish. The fish are often eaten fried and accompanied by various vegetables.

One of the specialities to be discovered : callalo soupa thick soup of meat, potatoes, coconut milk and taro leaves.

The more courageous can try their hand at goat water (or manesh water), a dish combining brains and testicles of a billy-goat, who would have the virtues on the manhood. Notice to fans !

Don’t miss the lobsters of Tabago Cays on the beach or in your boat with a fruit salad or plantains. Attention : the purchase of lobster is prohibited from may to September.

4. Discover the filming locations of Pirates of the Caribbean

Did you know ? The first part of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl has in large part been shot in the archipelago of the Grenadines.

Rent a catamaran in the Grenadines is the opportunity to play as Jack Sparrowthe famous pirate, embodied on the screen by Johnny Depp and to land on the islands with the music of Hans Zimmer in the ears.

Turn the cap to Wallilabou Bay on theisland of Saint-Vincent to survey the location for the filming of the most iconic of the saga. On-site, you’ll still find the buildings to be erected specifically for the needs of the shoot.

navigation Grenadines

5. To dive in fund-outstanding sailors

Paradise for divingthe Grenadines will satisfy fans as the holders of the different PADI certifications.

This is not without reason if theîle Saint-Vincent is considered to be one of the best destinations for diving ! Renowned for the clarity of its waters, it will be possible to observe rare species in the rest of the Caribbean, such as fish-toad or seahorses.

In the barrier reefyou will have the opportunity to swim with fish-butterfly, sea urchins, shrimps, puffers and discover the flora-lined brains of Neptune or horns of deer.

Before going to a dream cruise, don’t forget to check your check list to make your cruise unforgettable !

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