Equipment to sail solo

Navigate in solitaire or crew, requires a certain amount of organization and anticipation. Some equipment will be needed to make the most of its navigation.

Sail solo is not the prerogative of the browsers in the Vendée Globe. Many of us sail alone for the day or a few days. Sail solo, for some of us, also means to sail a small crew. In effect, sailing with young children, for example, are often asked to perform maneuvers only while the spouse takes care of the children. You will find, below, a list of recommended equipment to sail in this configuration.

Boat equipment for manoeuvres.

autopilot sailing equipment sailing yacht

The auto-pilot

For easy maneuvering, the auto-pilot is almost essential. Ccertains just a single tensioner or a tip to keep them straight bar some time. On some units, to navigate serenely, the autopilot will quickly become a friend when it comes to collapse the sails, or to perform any maneuvers to the front of the boat.

There are two types of drivers: the drivers of the tiller and the pilot in-edge. If the driver inbord is more reliable and more resistant it will be mainly used on units from 10 meters and to make the navigation quite long. A pilot tiller will be sufficient on units of less than 10 meters and for coastal navigation, or the day.

The Winchs Self-tailing

The Winches Self-tailing are no longer a luxury, as soon as the size of the boat exceeds 7.50 m. Especially for the sails. They will be much more useful on sailboats older with genoa to fort recovery. There are also kits in plastic in order to adapt a system self-tailing on winches classics. For have tried, this system is not optimal.

The lazy jacks

lazy bag, sailboat equipment for yacht The lazy jacks are also very practical. They make it possible todisable the mainsail easily without having to climb up on the roof for the ranger before you arrive in port or at anchor. Some boaters do not like this system, because the battens can get caught in the lazy jack when we hoisted the sail. However, this system may be practical. One finds kits ready to be installed on the market. Otherwise, a lazy jack is fairly easy to tinker.

The chausette to spi

To stay in the sails, the sock to spi is also very practical to use the sail more often. In fact, the sock can operate the spi in much faster way, alone.

Small personal equipment

The equipment of the cockpit is important. It is essential to have everything under control. Of covers cockpit can be used to store sandwiches, water, books, sunscreen, and…GPS and VHF. I think it is essential to have these instruments on hand. In case of emergency, no need to go down to the chart table to look at his position or make a call. GPS, portable, waterproof and rechargeable, seems to me the best solution, even at the time of applications for smartphones and tablets.

Concerning the comfort in navigation, each to its own organization, adapts his boat or find of nautical equipment on measurement such as those of Rototec

Safety equipment.

You are travelling alone or are responsible for the vessel and your family, take care of you. Your boat will not come find you all alone if you fall in the water. Do not rely on your spouse, your children or friends you have invited on board. Between the inexperience and panic, they will not be able to do any maneuver.

A life jackets “worn” is thus essential. The current models are more ergonomic and easily forget. In addition to the vestthink of the harness. The new harnesses are also much more discreet and lightweight than before. It is necessary to know that the wearing of the vest and headgear are mandatory in some countries. Do you not say that the porter is still a way to remove our freedoms.

And you, what are your astus when you sail alone and what equipment to take you?

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