Group GCA – a Thousand and one smiles, winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandy in Le Havre Multi50


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This Friday the 8th of November, at 5h 49mn 41s (French time), Gilles Lamiré and Antoine Carpentier crossed the finish line of the 14e edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre in the first position of the class Multi50, before a jury. The duo took 11 days 16 h 34mn and 41s to browse the 4 350 miles theoretical from Le Havre at an average speed of 15,50 knots, but it has actually traveled 4926 miles 17,56 nodes.

© Jean-Marie Liot/Iaea

From le Havre, Gilles Lamiré had nice announce that he was coming to win, Group GCA – and a Thousand smiles was not the favorite of the bookmakers this 14e The coffee Route. But by buying this year the ex-Pancakes Wow 3 of his first name, a plan VPLP, 2009 in the outstanding track record, the skipper from saint malo knew that he now had a weapon at the height of his ambitions. After six years on the circuit Multi50, the one who has already pocketed a solo English Transat in 2016 was assistant to the services of a co-skipper who is as discreet as it is effective. Already a winner at Salvador de Bahia in Class40, two years ago, alongside Maxime Sorel, Antoine Carpentier is comfortable in all media, as well as between the three buoys that the large wide.

© Jean-Marie Liot/Iaea

Parties carefully of le Havre, Gilles and Antoine have managed to procrastinate in the Channel, leaving their competitors spin out in front without getting off. Their maximum delay reached 67 miles on October 30, before entering the ridge of high pressure to the south of Gibraltar. Taking advantage of a shift a little too much Is Solidaires En Peloton – ARSEP, who had previously made a no-fault, they have demonstrated a trajectory much more tight and efficient in terms of miles, without ever stopping. The elbow-to-elbow with Primonial then head 1er November in the south of the Canary islands, they have never abandoned the leadership, widening the gap with each classification. Passing between the islands of Sao Vicente and Santo Antao in Cape Verde, they have benefited from the good momentum in the channel without undergoing the dévents of these volcanic islands. As for the Pot-au-black, crossed in less than 24 hours, it was a formality. Taking confidence in their boat all along the Route du café, Gilles Lamiré and Antoine Carpentier were able to accelerate when needed and then maintain a high pace, with very beautiful medium in the alizé.

Where others might have delayed, the duo has sailed, looking always to the goal, without looking back.

Routed by Christian Dumard, Gilles Lamiré and Antoine Carpentier signed a perfect race, at the height of their trimaran, the most successful in the history of the Class Multi50. Group GCA – and a Thousand smiles will be awarded to Salvador de Bahia to its sixth victory in a transatlantic race, with four of the coffee Route.

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