How to organise his departure before a long cruise ?

Going on a cruise for a
long time demand of the preparation and the anticipation. But beyond the
trip, remember to prepare for your absence.

Candidates for the long trip are
many more to come. Whether they are students, young families or
retirees, these contenders for the grand departure for a cruise offshore
several months to prepare a long time before. But beyond the preparation of the
boat and of the trip, it is necessary to also prepare for its absence.

When we exchange with the
boaters who have sailed for many years in the Caribbean, the Pacific or
the Indian Ocean, they speak to you often the administrative aspect and their personal effectsin metropolitan France.
In fact, as much as the departure, we must prepare for his absence and his return.
See the points to anticipate.

Store your personal belongings

First of all, you’re going to have to think of your furnitureyour effects
personal. You’re not going to take on board with you. So, you have two
solutions. The first is to sell everything. However, it will take all of
redeem at your back, not to mention the property value, or family. The other
solution is to store everything in. There are solutions like this service rental container construction. This allows
to keep everything safe and able to return to a more serene for you
reinstall. But as the owner, it is preferable to rent his house,
empty, and keep all his furniture at the shelter.

Your subscriptions

Then, you need to think about cancel all your subscriptions various.
And subscriptions you have. There is often a notice period before you can
terminate a contract. This is the case, for example, insurance contracts. You
go cancel your subscriptions to phone, internet, offering streaming or
even contracts of electricity and gas. This is not when you will be
party that you can do it. And do not take the risk of having debts
to your return.

The mail

If, today, the administrations and service companies to communicate more by e-mail, it still receives mail. Therefore, it is important to make a transfer request for your e-mail. Do not forget it. You can transfer it to friends or family thanks to the Postal service.

Money and administrative

Before you leave, you must you update it with
the administration
. Pay well all
your taxes, local, now, since the taxes on income are levied
to the source. Also, remember to organize the availability of your money, from
of your bank, and give power of attorney to a trusted person. In
effect, at the other end of the world, in case of trouble, it is better to have
someone on site to take care of some concerns about money.

Your primary residence

Finally, it remains your residence
main. It will be empty of occupants for several months,
or even more. As we have seen, most high, there are two possibilities. You either
rent your residence, if you are the owner, you either leave the area,
if you are a tenant. Again, think about the notice and, reminder, the

To sum up, a cruise offshore is preparing.
But beyond of your trip and your navigation, you need to also think about
your life as an earthling, your absence and your return. Then after a few
advice, good wind. And especially, if some of you have things to
to add, don’t hesitate.

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