Jeanneau Sangria, with a sailboat exceptional

The sangria is without a doubt the sailing the most famous in France. Number of boaters are passed from dream to reality with this boat.

The Sangria is the first yacht of reference of the shipyard Jeanneau. A first test had been already tried with a sailing ship named the Storm, but without much success. The specifications of the shipyard in the vendée was the following : to Provide a sailing familya cruiser coastal economic, marine and a good walker. This was, in fact, at the request of the time. Henri Jeanneau then turns to an architect who has already made a name since a few years, Philippe Harlé. The Sangria is born.

The Sangria, to the cruise Running

The sangria is actually a sailboat race cruise simple and economical. The first copy comes out in 1969, more than 2150 will follow behind (2155 to be exact). The Sangria is a sailing yacht very powerful with a low wetted surface area and a large sinker, corresponding to almost 50% of the weight of the boat. During the first season, several sangrias are beginning to take control of the podium, in race and in the race.

sailboat sangria

But this little sailing boat is not a racer, far from it, and these days, we need to admit that it will be a bit overwhelmed by the sailing ships of new generation. The sangria is a excellent cruiser that can take a family to coastal cruise for a few days to see more. Some units have made the turn of the atlantic and other very long cruises offshore. This boat is simple to navigate and its behaviour at sea is exemplary. It is able to move smoothly in a rough sea, he knows how to make the back round when the weather conditions are complicated and will always be reassuring.

to the cruise family

Side development, it must be acknowledged that the Sangria date. But it is a boat functional. Once inside, you will be able to sleep four people without much difficulty. It is a sailboat of less than 8 metres of the 70’s, so this will be camping. The forward cabin will be very well to allow children to have their universe reserved. The square will provide two additional berths, the evening came. The toilet area is reduced to its simplest device.

square Sangria

If you want to change the landscaping, do you not launch without having in mind that the stiffness of the Sangria holds in these latter and to the bulkheads. Then don’t remove anything.

On the outside, the
cockpit is not an example of comfort but is safe. If, on the
the first units, the bar rail large sail was in the middle of the
cockpit with a descent of full foot, the site to modify the
configuration by means of the following, by placing it at the foot of the descent on a

The passes in the front are limited in size and will hold up well. But the bridge completely loose is really very nice.

In 1979, the shipyard Gibert Marine in resume the construction for a few copies.

The boat finds itself on the market of the sailboat occasion and the prices are very varied. Everything will depend on the general state, of the equipment (sails, echo sounder, VHF,…) and the outboard engine.

Features Sangria

  • Year : 1969 to 1980.
  • Length : 7.62 m.
  • Width : 2.70 m.
  • T. E. : 1.25 m.
  • Weight : 1700Kg.
  • Ballast : 760Kg.
  • Sails. Mainsail : 12.5m2. Genoa : 19m2. Spi.: 40.5m2.
  • Engine HB on a chair, or IB.
  • Architect : P; HARLE.
  • Builder : Jeanneau.
  • Category C.
plans Sangria

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