Marsala, mateloteur in series and deckhand on the Hermione

Anthony, also known under the name of Marsala, we discover for almost ten years, his passion for the nodes in videos. He takes us as regularly on Hermione, whether on the jobsite in this season, or in campaign as a deckhand.


It was after my return from a visit to the corderie royale of Rochefort and the Hermione, a door key unusual, and piqued my curiosity. I tried to do it again, but not knowing its name, I have long sought in books of knots. And it then became a personal challenge, understand it, and then do, and finally succeed to explain to a node.

I had
sometimes find it hard to understand the diagrams in some books of knots
I had been able to find it in bookstores, and I’m still convinced that the
video support is more fun and more effective, so I started
in the creation of video tutorials

I moved to Rochefort for 2 years. This frigate is beautiful, it falls quickly in love, so I joined the volunteer team in 2013, and son of needles, I then integrated the training program Gabiers. Since then, I have participated in two campaigns.

Is this within the reach of everyone boarding ?

I had the chance to be part of the training program, but in the absolute, the association welcomes all the world, only the motivation is important, experience will be provided on board by marine professionals and enthusiasts, as the commander Cariou.

As a volunteer, we give of our time on the site and we help where we can, and then as a deckhand, we are led by the bosco ( master of crew ) to perform maintenance, seamanship, painting, anything that requires a boat of the recently restored 18th-century.

The important Points however : don’t forget your mug, a good sleeping bag, to be social and curious.

also the lack of physical training, and, more particularly, to
the endurance, a quarter of 4 hours can be long when it is in the
maneuver, the stains are very physical and sometimes long.

superb sea-keeping, very manœuvrante, and fast. At the time
majestic by its technicality and its air draft of 47 feet. I do
he found no fault, I’m still too under the charm.

I made 2 trips. The first in 2018, Portimao ( portugal ) until Pasïa ( Spanish basque country ), during 3 week in the month of may. Then in 2019, with the trip to Normandy, boarding at Cherbourg and landing at Nantes. Navigation about a month.

I had a
little sea sickness, but nothing bad. The best moments are the
pass on the square when fighting against mother nature for ferler (
close ) a sail about 40 m in height. The view is magnificent.
Anyway, I am good when I take the height and Hermione to me
allows you to see further.

What nodes should you absolutely know about a boat ?

node chair
noeud de cabestan
tower of death

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