Nautic 2019: sailing boats over 10 metres

The tall ships are dreaming. And when there is the offer of the Nautic 2019, we say that there is something, widely. The First Yacht 53ready for the Sydney to Hobart at theUfo 400 ready for the high latitudes, there is something for everyone on a market that weighs less than 350 monohulls per year…

In 2019, for the last year, it was possible to admire the sailboats matés. Next year, they will be exposed in another hall whose ceiling height, a more limited, it will prohibit this type of presentation.

Beneteau First Yacht 53

Having tried it in the sea, the new First Yacht 53 among the sailing exceptional, or even emblematic of the year. With its breathtaking design, the Beneteau First Yacht 53 projects a look of hell, he is decked out in blue, or, as in Nautic, a pristine White.

The version presented offers a new development of bridge with a winch in the center position rear, good practice to avoid the “bag of nodes” at the foot of the two winches side. Very elegant, regardless of the angle under which we observe it. It is a sailboat raced with the taut lines with a rig impressive. Let’s remember that this boat has been designed according to ISO standards in order to align with the most famous international races, it is a true race cruise in sum, a First !

Sun Odyssey 410

At Jeanneau, the very large vessels to steal the show by the new Sun Odyssey 410which version 2020, a lifting keel should satisfy fans of moorings deserts. The Sun Odyssey 410, that we have extensively tested, is a perfect boat: versatile, safe, balanced and very elegant.

The site also exposes the big brothers of this range, the Sun Odyssey 440 (Marc Lombard) and Sun Odyssey 490 (Philippe Briand). Two very beautiful babies which the traffic on the bridge has been worked to the point of allowing a moving forward and backward without obstacle to step over.

Finally, in a very different kind and intended for rental, the Sun Loft 47 offers 6 cabins and a kitchen on the bridge, that says better for a monohull ?

If the construction of sailing catamarans, Fountaine-Pajot has produced only a single boat at the Nautic, the Astrea 42 , its subsidiary Dufour yachts was very present this year, especially on this segment of the tall ships. A presence that pays because, at the time of our visit, we signed on the stand with the prospects of the day !

Dufour 430

The Dufour 430the new 2019, is a very attractive yacht, elegant, well-finished, which benefits from a kitchen in the front part of the square. With a jib autovireur in series, it is designed for cruising fast and comfortable, in a family as evidenced by the griddle built-in to the back seat.

Dufour 390

Its smaller brother, the Dufour 390also unveiled this year at the Grand Pavois, offers a compromise in size/volume is very favourable. It is said to be nice to block, but it would be necessary to try on pieces. These boats, elegant and really well finished, are always signed Umberto Felci.

The manufacturing quality of these boats appears, as always, “a cut above”, this is probably the reason for the success of these sailboats with a customer base of discerning private individuals as well as fleets owned by some lessors and for operating long. Beautiful boats he would have to try it in the sea soon !

RM 1180

The RM 1180 presented by RM Yachts is all dressed in white. And against all odds, this colour fits it like a glove to this very nice boat clear and bright thanks to its windscreen, a roof and modern amenities. Sailboat from the year 2019, this shell of solid wood to the attractive design is a beautiful example of the cruiser offshore of all land.

Ufo 400

Always in the class of “Go anywhere”, Alubat to unveiled the new Ufo: the 400. Sailboat aluminium offshore highly anticipated, all-aluminum construction, insulated, heated. TheUfo 400 provides total visibility of the interior, a powerful hull, wide, plenty of room, coupled with a sturdiness and a look of adventurer. It is the archetype of a sailboat great trip. A glance in the funds I was definitely convinced of the soundness of the construction.

TheUfo 400 full of intelligent details : davit discreetly lift, chains, very strong, well chain, which pile up under the windlass. We may also refer to its strong handrails everywhere, its cargo hold, sailing, floor square enhanced to allow the integration of the centerboard under the seat of a sofa, pushing the table to starboard. All these details reveal the ubiquitous presence of marine design.

Nautitech 40

Highly anticipated, the market for cruising catamarans, novelty 2019, the Nautitech 40, is recognizable among a thousand with its two positions of bar and its series of portholes-hull bunk. Catamaran type comfort/performance, lags only 8.5 tonnes on the scale. It is a beautiful boat with the sporty look is enhanced by the two-toned gown.

Shell Open, very bright (you immediately understand the interest of the double windows -view to the sea from the berth warranty), it is a catamaran and very successful that we burn with desire to try it.

And you which makes you dream?

The article is written by François Meyer.

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