Northern Sea Route : the taking of participation of the Russian Rosatom in Delo Group

The public Company of the Russian Rosatom is in the process of finalizing the legal documents for an acquisition of a minority interest in the Group Delo-property of Sergey Shishkarev.

“Delo Group and Rosatom will develop logistics activities by drawing on the assets and skills of existing companies, including intermodal transport and transit”, stated the President of Delo Group Sergey Shishkarev.

Rosatom faces of the tasks ambitious development of a new corridor logistics and creating a common platform with the Group Delo to start a business international transportation and logistics. The main area of cooperation will be the development of activities of international transport intermodal and transit corridor “Asia-Europe-Asia” through the passage
sea of the North-East.

Rosatom is the operator an official of the infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route-Is and the owner of the only fleet of icebreakers, nuclear in the world. The geographic presence, existing skills and logistics infrastructure of the Group Delo serve as a key platform to accomplish the tasks to which Rosatom in front of you.

The assets of the Group Delo include six ports of the Baltic sea (4 Russia and 2 Finland), a harbor basin of the sea of Azov and the Black sea and a harbor basin of the Far East, which are the key regions of the flow of goods in external trade.

A new service for the international transit of containers from Asia to Europe has been launched in the Baltic and the Far East through sea terminals of the group to Global Ports, part of which belongs to the Group Delo.

A new route of transit of containers in the Arctic will be established on the basis of assets of the logistic Rosatom and those of the Group Delo. Rosatom has the intention not only to organize the exploitation of the North-East passage throughout the year, but also significantly improve the logistics, eurasian, and, like the Suez canal, to provide attractive conditions for the transport of goods from Asia to Europe.

In this common project special attention will be given to environmental issues as well as international requirements in the field of protection of the environment.

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