Phuket, Thailand

Quick. How many years ago that the tsunami that hit Phuket, Thailand? Five years? Maybe ten? Nope. It happened in 2004. Who would believe it’s been over 15 years since that horrible tragedy? The good news is there appears to be no physical remnants from this catastrophic event. So, after spending a fair amount of time in places that you might not call, well, relaxing, we found a nice resort, Phuket where we could take a vacation from our vacation.

Now, a week of relaxation at a beach resort doesn’t provide any fodder for a travel blog. It actually produces anti-travel blog material. The last thing I think most of us want to see during a cold New England day March is that photographer some people take of their knee caps to their bare feet on a beach with an umbrella cocktail, with a caption like, “The weather is here, wish you were fine”. Please. Stop that. It’s not funny and, at this moment we really don’t like you.

There were, however, a couple things around Phuket that did end up being blog worthy.

We rented a boat one day to see the tall limestone islands that were formed when massive plates of volcanic earth cam out of the seas. It’s a fascinating landscape. There’s iconic cliff that vertically juts out of the water at a place called Phang Nga Bay. It’s now called James Bond Island since it was the location used to film parts of The Man with The Golden Gun.

On the morning of our boat rental American-sounding couple were having breakfast at the table next to us and overheard us discussing our trip. They mentioned how they were thinking of doing the same thing. So we took a chance and invited them along. Jenny and Keith, who are from Atlanta, were a great addition and a pleasure to have on the trip!

We got along so well the four of us decided to see to elephant sanctuary the following day.

The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, set on 30 acres of tropical jungle, is a final home for retired working elephants. They rescue and rehabilitate elephants that have suffered from working in the trekking, horseback riding, and logging industries. It was sad to hear how the animals had been overworked and abused for decades but it was nice to see them now happy at the sanctuary.

While James Bond Island and an elephant sanctuary don’t blend easily into one travel video, we did notice a fascinating piece of wrought iron artwork at our hotel a few days earlier in Malaysia that did seem to fit. You be the judge.

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