Pollution of the Oceans – Has 18 years old, he invented a magnet to micro-plastics

An Irish 18-years old, Fionn Ferreira, has developed a revolutionary process for extraction of micro-plastics in the oceans.

Fionn Ferreira, an Irish 18-years old, has created a real magnet to plastic, is a promising technique to rid the oceans from the pollution of plastic.

Very gifted in the sciences, the Irish wanted to work on a system to clean up the oceans, focusing on micro-plastics, particles invisible to the naked eye, resulting from the degradation of larger plastic waste and impossible to filter.

Based on the latest work of the physicist Arden Warner, the young inventor has had the idea of using an oil to agglomerate the particles of plastic, coupled to the powder of magnetite, that he then recovered with a magnet.

After having performed more than 1000 tests in a water-filled micro-particles, he has managed to eliminate more than 87 % of micro-plastics. This process could, according to him,” constitute the basis for an effective method to extract the micro-plastic in the water, the next step to make it evolve on an industrial scale

His invention worked particularly well for water for the washing machines, at a time when the manufacturers of washing machine trying to filter the particles of plastic. Its magnet to plastic could also be used in sewage treatment plants, which do not hold currently as the larger particles.

The student won the prize Google Science Award for his invention and a grant with a value of 45 000 euros was given to him at the headquarters of Google, in California, on the 29th of July.

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