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The series of Beneteau Cyclades, built between the years 2005 and 2008 had been thought by Beneteau in order to meet the customers of rental companies. Without anything to cut corners on the quality of construction and the equipment, tips from the best practices of rental companies make a boat spacious, smart and pleasant to navigate. The Cyclades 39.3, made on the molds of the Oceanis 393 from the same era, has nothing to envy them, given his price more content.

A 12m of 11,97 m, perfect for the price of tickets from port !

Rigged in sloop in mind, this 39-foot offers an overall length just under 12 m and a width of almost 4 m at the midship beam. With her skirt wide and two bars to the wheel, the Cyclades 39.3 looks great from the dock. The helm station to starboard has the engine controls and autopilot (Raymarine ST6002), while the port resumes the instruments (Raymarine ST60). The plotter GPS Raymarine C80 is located on the amount of the table.

Let’s talk about this table, you can’t miss it (without being bulky) and 8 adults can take place. This is a good point, I hate to be tight at the table !

A deck plan classic

Two big winch (Harken Self Tailing diameter 40) are placed near the helmsman, allowing him to handle the sheets of the genoa alone, while the other two (Harken, Self Tailing diameter 32), more typically located on the roof, pick up the halyards, bumps of ris and the mainsail sheet. The position of bar is good how it is better not to be too small to lock sitting (I’m 1.92 m). On the way to the front, I see a windsock swivel, useful in the tropics. Has an anchor locker, an electric windlass and a bow roller stainless steel that exudes strength.

Orders returned on the roof

The mast and the boom are made of anodized aluminum, the outputs of cables in stainless steel. The mainsail, semi-battened, has two ris semi-automatic and two cunningham. The balancine rests on a cleat to the mast: not hyper-practical, but nothing serious. All orders coming from the foot of the mast are returned on blockers on the roof. The genoa, 110%, is mounted on a Profurl furler, with 2 references for his kicker and is also on the roof. The standing rigging is of type flexible discontinuous with a forestay, a backstay with double rigging screw and bottom shrouds. Lazy-Jack and Lazy-Bag complete the picture.

Furniture of the same quality of 39 to 50 feet !

One goes inside and one discovers wood veneer (Alpi) tint cherry (clear enough), the kitchen on the port side in length, a curious bench without backrest in the passage to the forward cabin. The square is not huge, but prefers we not dine ‘al fresco’ rather than inside ? Small flat for the kitchen that does not plan to work outside of the flat surface of the fridge. The furniture is of good quality and I learn more about the standardization : all items of movable property are standardized on the Cyclades, as a function of the length, it “wins” one or two cabinets extra storage, but chart table, square, kitchen furniture remain the same.

The standing headroom is sufficient for me, but I have the habit of lowering the head ! The version tested has three cabins and two lavatories, sober, and with a relatively large storage cupboard.

Living in the household

One detail strikes me : the lack of nooks and crannies. It is as if the interior had been thought to easy cleaning. This impression will be confirmed in return by doing the cleaning all the boat in 1.5 hours tops ! This part of the specification? Mystery, but it is very convenient. The two aft cabins are of similar size, the point being, as is often the case, not recommended for large. Under the seats of the square I discovered the water heater of 25 litres, which could be replaced by a model that is more important.
The cut-out switches are installed with the relay of the windlass in the port aft cabin, or, I discovered, under the bed, one service battery of 140 Ah, of course, but only especially that the lights are fitted with incandescent bulbs.

Wave the sails !

He does good tonight at the start of English Harbour in the BVI. Heading 100° to land in Anguilla tomorrow morning. After having shocked the lazy-jack from the foot of the mat, I can hoist the mainsail, while my friend Tomek keeps the boat facing into the wind. This is shipped in a jiffy and then comes the turn of the genoese, after having moved the point of tire and me being smashed in the head in the bimini by leaping to the front ! Effective against the sun, long bimini, but not practical for quick access to the front. Finally, 12 to 15 knots of wind, 330°, the boat dock on his hip for a long edge of the bearing where it will not move. The boat is well-balanced and size very well his road, in the middle of the channel between the islands, in the swell that is formed by suites, a tropical depression passed by, there are 48 hours. Curiously, it is rather better installed on the flat edge to the wind on the helm seat. From there, the comfort is not optimal, with a hint of the backstay as a folder… Standing up, that’s much better !

We do bougerons more of this board before reaching our destination, except under a grain-violent, which we will test grandeur nature taking two ris under a hot shower ! Everything will work out wonderfully, but the engine (yanmar 40-horsepower line shaft) calera, filter of diesel oil polluted by the mixing of the tank through the swell, and then will leave without worries, once it is cleaned.


Simple and effective. These two words describe better than a long paragraph the overall impression felt on this boat, which offers an excellent quality-price ratio. Spacious on the outside, clever and strong, equipped with interior joinery of a quality to rival some of the productions of the year, the Cyclades 39.3 made a smart choice… It lacks a better battery pack of an easement and a wind turbine or photo-voltaic panels to be able to free themselves of the visit of the marinas crowded region. But we must leave things to do for the new owner !

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The test is written by François Meyer.

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