The snorkeling, a fun activity for all to board his boat!!!!

That this is the time for a short boat rental, or a long-term journey, we will always be at least a mask and snorkel on board ! The snorkeling equipment is lightweight and inexpensive, and the activity does not demand particular training : ideal to fill small and big during sea trips. Here are some basic rules for a snorkeling fun, 100% fun for all.

“Snorkeling” ?! But what a funny name !

This anglicism derived from “snorkle” ; designating the tuba, happened in the late 40 in France for an important development from the 60s. Literally, we could translate it by the concept of aquatic hiking with a mask and snorkel.

And yes, the snorkeling is just a walk, unlike other water-based activities ! And who said ride, said pleasure, discovery and accessibility. No need for a particular training or equipment is out of your price range, just a few rules of good sense !

How to prepare an exit snorkeling

As with any sea trip, some safety rules to follow :
– Never go alone snorkeling
– Check the weather before you leave
– If you go to the coast, locate entry points and multiple exit points easily accessible
– If you are going from a boat, check the map of navy before you dive in
– From a boat, be it a hire boat or your own boat, make sure the system, to go back to edge
– Do you listen and become aware of your physical limitations and those of your partners.

Think to protect you from the cold !

Before leaving, you should check on the temperature of the water in which you will navigate. Remember, in passing, that the body cools down 25 times faster in water than in air ! To take advantage of its aquatic outing, it is important, therefore, to cover themselves if the water temperature is cool or temperate :
Waters are warm, above 25°C : You’ll be sitting through 30 minutes in the water without the need of a combination. The more risk-averse will opt for a ” shorty “, a combination sleeve and short legs, of a thickness of 3 mm.
Temperate waters between 16°and 24 ° C : We choose a combination of 5.5 mm thick neoprene
Water ” cold “, between 10 and 18°C : Opt for a combination of 7 mm of thickness.

You stay on the surface of the water : protect yourself from UV !

Warm waters or cooler, what is redoutera particularly in aquatic hiking, just as when browsing, it is the UV ! Indeed, it remains most of the time to the surface of the water during walks with a mask and snorkel, where the reverb is the most intense !
It describes more and more the harmful effects of sunscreens on marine microorganisms, especially near fragile ecosystems such as lagoons and coral reefs.

A good compromise will be for the tee-shirt anti-UV : long or short sleeves, thermal or not, these “lycra” are increasingly common, offer an attractive alternative, allowing to isolate the UV, while helping to retain body heat.

You hesitate between a mask and snorkel or full mask ?

We will choose its model of mask function of its habits of diving :
The mask and the snorkel to the ” traditional “, in two parts, will be more suitable for those who dive a lot under the water.
The mask 2-in-1 ” Easybreath “, innovations developed by the brand Decathlon widespread and popular with children, is designed to swim on the surface only. In effect, this mask does not allow access to the nose to balance the pressure between water and the inner ear to the descent.

Finally, fins short, easy to manipulate, will extend the scope of what is possible and to resist without fatigue to the common light.

The first step to a diving snorkeling family successful

Choose a calm water and a mild weather : the environment will be more soothing for the children.
• It is recommended d’have footat least for the first time : the children will settle in their mask and snorkel in peace.
For a first dive, the fins are not essential : the important thing is that the child becomes familiar with the operation of the mask and the snorkel.
• Check to see if their thermal protection is well-adapted to the temperature of the water : children often remain motionless on the surface of the water, which can cause a rapid cooling of the body without realising it.
• If needed, offer them a lap belt, a plate or a deep-fried so as to stabilize the surface and enable their discovery of the seabed in 100% comfort.

Good snorkeling on board of your rental boat !

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