The voileux are marine freshwater

Often considered to be the voileux like seasoned sailors, mastering the elements and their boat. This image would be it tarnished ?

The yachtsmen to sail, unlike the owners of motor boats, have a picture of true sailors, lovers of the high seas. These are often viewed as technicians, fluent in their sailboat, meteorologists knowing anticipate the winds and the sea state. It is true that the sailing world mixes with difficulty with the world of motor boating, the outboard including. But what is it really ? The voileux would they not be seafarers of fresh water in done?

The veil, the art of becoming a Sailor

The veil is about 1/3 of the fleet boat, in France. This hobby is still confidential, compared to some countries such as New Zealand or the countries of Northern Europe. The history of yachting was born in the 60’s, with many sites French. Adventurers such as Bernard Moitessier and skippers as Eric Tabarly have given their letters of nobility to this hobby that became a sport. The veil has become a world of adventure, a learning of life.

Some boaters have become sailors. Some of them, passionate, have more miles to their assets that some sinners coastal. You cross paths with regularly, on a pontoon boat, boaters who will navigate in the bay of Biscay, fishing for tuna in between buddies, at the start of Douarnenez. Other out, for all time, for sail between 3 buoys, run racing semi-offshore, prepare for the wide, as the Transquadra. These boaters acquire a real know-how, to become experts in their field. Many of them rub shoulders with professionals of the offshore race, the time of a meeting, a regatta or a drink at the bar du port.

Speeches often flattering

Beyond these passionate adventure, considering without doubt their professional life as a necessary means to satisfy their passion for the sea and boats, the vast majority of boaters are sailing little. The greater part of the owners of boats sail a few weeks a year, or even a few days. These have, in addition, often the same body of water as a playground, for many years.

These voileux do not have knowledge, that one or two placements, were younger, and then their own experience. When you take a walk on the forums or social networks, we run into many ” experts “, many “knowing” who does not understand, in fact, that what they have learned in books. I’m not even talking about your friend who edits a blog, with both of pretension and narcissism, on his passion with his little experience” boater Sunday “. This type of boater navigates without a doubt least as many Poles, on their lakes, that of Savoy, on the lake Geneva or lake Annecy. Who, then, are the sailors of fresh water ?

But the adventure is or ?

The question which then remains is
the interest of to be or not to be a sailor of fresh water. And if, in fact, it will be
didn’t care about ?

For some boaters, sailing small sailboat, adventure, and happiness, is just a few miles from their home port, a few kilometers from their garage. Their boat allows them to discover our coast the more close to, to visit every cove, every bay, the coast of france. No, they are travelling not at the other end of the world, no they will not go out if the wind rises too. But they have discovered far more than the number of boaters making a return trip to corsica every year.

A crew regattawith only experience of boarding every weekend of the winter, to The trinity On Seaon the boat from an owner in paris, will no doubt be more experienced than an owner of a boat of 12 meters out a week in may and another in summer. The adventure is there, or we decide.

Being a boater, this is not to be an expert, this is not to know everything about the maintenance of his boat, nor even any master, it is fun, modestly.

Then, a sailor of fresh waters?

Being a boater, it is to be open, meet people from all walks of life, from social situations different. On a boat, or a pontoon, there is neither a framework, nor a worker or a peasant. All cards are folded. We take all our polo faded, our red trousers, breton Armor Lux for the oldest or the bermuda Eagle for the young ones.

Being a boater, that is to love the sea as nature. It is loving its fauna, its flora. It is love nothing master, be dependent on it.

If you are all this, that’s enough. I don’t know if you are a marine, freshwater, but you are a boater enthusiast. Then all remain modest, but share, share, you bring a lot to the other.

No need to unhook the moon, it is enough to know that it is there.

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