Used boats – about 110 boats in the auctions, within 10 days, on the !

In just 10 days, the service of auction of second-hand boats of the Freighter has already received close to 110 to be auctioned !! A very strong rise in power, which demonstrates the validity of the concept.

If it is an online service in the yachting industry, including the start-up operates on the hats of wheels, it is that he launched just 10 days by Cargo ship, the first place of business of boating and yachting, and that is, in the first ever bidding service of used boats !

As astonishing as it may seem, this type of service did not yet exist, the sale of second-hand boats are doing on the internet, through classifieds sites traditional !

Speaking to individuals as well as professionals, the service of auction of second-hand boats of the Cargo turned the market upside down, in organizing and structuring the sales, over a period of time, leaving time for a visit for the purpose of possible expertise, pre-sale to speak of.

Highlighted through photographs or even videos, the boats offered in the auction have the benefit of a single front, but more importantly, a sales process clearly, which will very quickly find out what the real market price, model by model, of what to facilitate trade by streamlining the process.

This principle was sorely lacking and was to be expected, because in just 10 days, about 110 second-hand boats have been put up for auction on the site of the Cargo (, to a valuation of nearly 1.8 million euros, the cap of 150 on sale to be reached in mid-December !!

Among the offers keeping attention, the two boats, semi-rigid boat skippers Samatha Davis and Romain Attanasiotwo magnificent Highfield equipped with engine Honda outboard, an operation which we shall return at the Nautic Paris boat show.

According to our information, the Cargo has not wanted to confirm, agreements are currently being negotiated with a leader in financing boats and with the distribution network of a large boat builder.

Wait and see…

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