Veil – The new Tiwal 2X will be unveiled at Nautic Paris boat show

The site Tiwal launched at the end of 2018 the new Tiwal 2, a sailboat inflatable designed to be easily embedded in houseboats, who are experiencing a great success with the target market, and even beyond.

This year Tiwal will be showcasing its new Sport version, the Tiwal 2X, from 7 to 15 December on the Nautic Paris boat show.

Initially designed for the market of owners of houseboats, the Tiwal 2 seduced far beyond, paving the way for the Tiwal 2X, its Sports version, which today comes to fill out the range.

We have received a strong demand for a rig sporting. Freed of the constraint of the winding around the mast in an anchorage, we developed a sail arisable 6 to 4.8 m2, still no boom, and more powerful “says Marion Excoffon, co-founder of the site Tiwal.

Since its launch at the Paris boat Show, at the end of 2018, the company breton has already delivered 70 units. ” The Tiwal 2 is the natural complement of the range Tiwal. Even more portability, speed of installation and ease of use ! It contributes already significantly to the growth of the company by opening new markets, in particular on sailboats and catamarans cruise “said Emmanuel Bertrand, president and co-founder of Tiwal.

The official launch in the United States took place in mid-October, at the boat show at Annapolis. The Tiwal 2 was nominated by the american magazine SAIL for the price of the Best Boat, and by the magazine Sailing World for the prize Boat of the Year. Results mid-December !

The ship was by far the smallest boat in the competition ! Present in the United States to test the boat in the juries of these two american magazines, these appointments have allowed to the founders of the site Tiwal, Marion Excoffon and Emmanuel Bertrand, to benefit from a large spotlight.

Technical characteristics of the Tiwal 2 :

Length : 2.80 m – Width : 1,50 m – Structure : anodized aluminium – Sail-dacron : 6-to-4,8m2 (North Sails) – Mast in 5 parts : carbon C50 – vessel’s Weight: 40kg – max Load. : 150kg – Draught : 75cm – 2 bags : 145x40x35cm (25kg) and 110x40x25cm (20kg) – Capacity : 1 adult or 1 adult and 1 child – Standard / EC Class D – Price : 5190 euros

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